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Unit 42
Perform a Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Unit 42 Threat Intelligence

Unit 42 collects and analyzes data globally, feeding up to the minute threat intelligence directly into our products and consumable community research articles.

Experts in threat research

Unit 42 is an industry-leading authority in threat research, adversary tracking and analysis, malware analysis, reverse engineering, threat hunting, and triage. Our global team of researchers provides in-depth insights into threat campaigns across various industries, regions and attack vectors.

Stay ahead of the latest threats

Get insights into adversary tools, tactics and procedures so you can proactively defend against attacks.

Unit 42 Incident Response

Data breach response services

Unit 42 is your trusted advisor before, during and after a breach

Staying ahead of modern threats requires elite incident response services, including global response capability and constant innovation. Our consultants have unparalleled experience confronting the world’s most severe threats. We performed more than 1,000 investigations in 2020, helping clients eliminate threats and minimize damage.

Incident Response Services

Ransomware investigation
When your files and applications are inaccessible due to a ransomware attack, Unit 42 can step in to investigate and respond, so you can restore operations quickly.

Business email compromise
Unauthorised access to your email systems can wreak havoc. If your organization is a victim of business email compromise, Unit 42 can contain the breach, investigate and implement a strategic recovery plan.

Advanced persistent threats
Responding to sophisticated attacks from well-resourced adversaries requires deep knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures. Our hands-on experience and advanced technology platform allow our experts to respond quickly at enterprise scale.

Web application attacks
If you suspect your web application has been compromised, Unit 42 can help contain the incident, mitigate losses, investigate and implement safeguards to protect against future attacks.

Cloud breach response
Turn to our experts for swift, thorough resolution of a cloud breach. Vulnerabilities and simple misconfigurations can leave cloud instructure or internet-connected applications and data exposed. We'll contain the incident, assess the impact and help secure your cloud to eliminate exposure.

Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

When it comes to a data breach, time works against you. The speed of your response as well as the effectiveness of your tools and playbooks will determine how quickly you can recover. Extend your team’s capabilities by putting the world-class Unit 42 incident response team on speed dial.

Unit 42 Proactive Assessments

Assess your cybersecurity readiness and prepare for an attack with proactive services from the world’s top incident response experts.

Go from reactive to proactive

Maximize the effectiveness of your team and your defenses.

As attacks escalate in frequency and sophistication, organizations should prepare for the worst. Proactive assessments give you the upper hand against adversaries by evaluating your controls, finding hidden vulnerabilities and testing your response capabilities to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach.

Are you prepared for a breach?

Compromise Assessment
Get the visibility to answer the question: Have I been compromised? Our experienced threat hunters leverage Unit 42 threat intelligence and best-in-class detection and response tools to conduct hunts across your environment to uncover indicators of compromise and ongoing or past attacker activity.

Tabletop Simulation Review
Simulate your response to a severe data security incident with key stakeholders. Using real-world breaches we've investigated and resolved, We build customized scenarios based on your industry-specific threats.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment
Prepare your people, processes, and technologies to mitigate the threat of ransomware. This assessment will help you avoid attacks with ransomware safeguards, test your readiness with ransomware tabletop exercises, and recover faster with a best-practice playbook. Put Unit 42 on speed dial with SLA-driven response times.

Breach Readiness Review
Perform a targeted risk assessment focused on security controls and the people, processes and technologies necessary to effectively respond to cyber threats. Our consultants provide remediation recommendations and a strategic roadmap to achieve a target state of breach readiness.

Red Team Exercises
Test the effectiveness of your security defenses by responding to emulated attacks. Our Red Team uses threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures in a continuous and adaptive manner to target your environment.

Security Posture Assessment
Perform targeted assessments and technical cybersecurity services to test and evaluate cybersecurity posture and overall cyber resilience. Evaluate your applications for vulnerabilities, including flaws in development, configuration, deployment and management.

Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

Put the Unit 42 elite incident responders on speed dial. With a Unit 42 incident response retainer, you receive rapid access to our expert consultants. Extend the capabilities of your security team to respond to any incident or apply your retainer hours to proactive cybersecurity advisory services.

Unit 42 Executive & Board Advisory Services

Mature your security program and demonstrate security status to your executives and board

Your Trusted Advisor

Strengthen your security posture and augment your team with Unit 42

Partners, auditors and board members increasingly need assurance their organizations have implemented effective security measures. Our Executive & Board Advisory services help you evaluate your processes and controls, build a strategic risk mitigation plan, and demonstrate your cyber resilience.

Find the advisory service that's right for you

Executive-level security strategy review
A deep-dive review of your organization's current information security program. Our Unit 42 experts will create a current state profile and help you build a clear security strategy to share with your executive leaders and board.

Strengthen your security posture

Assess your ransomware readiness
Boards of directors are getting more involved with cybersecurity and ransomware is on the agenda at almost every meeting. A Ransomware Readiness Assessment documents company readiness to the board by identifying any gaps in people, process, and technology, and adjusting playbooks before a ransomware attack happens.

Security program design and assessment
Let Unit 42 act as your trusted advisor to help enhance or build your InfoSec program. Our consultants develop customized strategic plans that lay out a path, timeline and budget to achieve your organization's cyber resilience goals.

Virtual CISO
Acting as an extension of your security team, a virtual CISO will help develop and implement your cybersecurity plan, identify risk, and recommend ways to improve your cyber resilience. A virtual CISO also provides guidance and security assurance to your executives and board of directors.

Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

When it comes to a security breach, time works against you. Delays can lead to more damage and losses. Having a retainer agreement in place with a trusted security advisor accelerates your ability to recover and resume normal business operations after an attack. Our incident response retainer is custom-built to fit your organization's needs.

Unit 42 Risk and Compliance

Let us help you assess and prioritize your risk and align security controls to best practice cybersecurity frameworks.

Cybersecurity governance simplified

Protect your organization and demonstrate compliance

Managing risk can be tough, but you can call on Unit 42 experts for help. Our consultants have decades of cumulative experience evaluating and mitigating cyber risk, as well as deep knowledge of industry best practices and government regulations.

What are your security goals?

Cybersecurity risk assessment
Evaluate and improve your organization's cyber resilience by testing your defenses against best practice information security standards and cybersecurity regulatory frameworks, including the NIST CSF, CCPA, NYDFS, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI DSS, C2M2, GDPR and others.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment
Evaluate vendor controls to identify risk and secure your supply chain. Perform due diligence to provide transparency and assurance for a merger or acquisition.

Ransomware readiness assessment
Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) systems house the very information ransomware targets. Incident response plans are crucial to have should the systems ever get compromised. Our Ransomware Readiness Assessment prepares GRC and SecOps teams by identifying and closing any gaps in people, process, and technology, before an attack happens.

Cybersecurity governance review
Make sure your security team operates efficiently and effectively with guidance from our consultants. We can analyze your processes, review your controls and recommend adjustments to strengthen your security and maximize your return on investment.

Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

Get immediate assistance when you need it. With a Unit 42 incident response retainer, you receive rapid access to our expert consultants. Extend the capabilities of your security team to respond to any incident, or apply your retainer hours to proactive cybersecurity advisory services. Our trusted advisors can assist your team with security strategy, assessment of technical controls and overall program maturity.

Why Unit 42

Extend your team with world-renowned security experts

As threats escalate, you need a partner to advise you on the latest risks and help you recover when the worst occurs. Unit 42 is a premier threat intelligence and cybersecurity consulting organization chartered to identify and resolve the most challenging threats and make the world a safer place.