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Panorama enables you to centrally manage the process of configuring devices, deploying security policies, performing forensic analysis, and generating reports across your entire network of our next-generation firewalls. Available as either a virtual appliance or a dedicated management platform, Panorama and the individual device management interfaces share the same web-based look and feel, ensuring workflow consistency while minimizing any learning curve or delay in executing the task at hand.

Panorama Diagram

Consistent management look and feel

Our management philosophy emphasizes consistency at both the interface and release level, providing a significant advantage over competitive offerings that are managed across multiple offerings with varied user interfaces and release schedules. The management interface across Panorama, and the individual devices, carries the same look and feel to help reduce your administrative efforts by minimizing any learning curve or delay in executing tasks. When we deliver new next-generation firewall features in PAN-OS, any associated updates or new features in Panorama are released at the same time.

Centrally manage device configuration and policy deployment

Panorama enables you to centrally manage all aspects of your Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls with device groups, templates and role-based administration.

Visibility, forensic analysis and reporting

For either an individual firewall or across your entire network of firewalls, your team can research applications, users and content traversing your network, perform forensic analysis and generate fully customized reports.

Management platform deployment flexibility

Panorama is available as either a purpose-built hardware platform or as a virtual appliance, which allows you to choose the form factor that is best meets your requirements. Both the virtual machine and the M-100 appliance provide the same ability to centrally manage our next-generation firewalls across your organization.