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Palo Alto Security Subscriptions
Automated protection for your business

Palo Alto's comprehensive range of security subscriptions extend your security policies with threat protection that is constantly kept up to date.

Cyber attacks are growing more frequent and sophisticated by the day. To combat this onslaught, many organizations have added proxies, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), sandboxing, and other security point products to their old-school firewalls. But this siloed approach just leads to complexity and an even greater potential for breach. Our security technologies are natively integrated - not cobbled together - into our Next-Generation Firewalls, as well as our endpoint and cloud security offerings. Groundbreaking features reduce manual tasks and enhance your security posture by seamlessly working with our self-updating security platform, augmenting global threat intelligence to counter attacks automatically and in near-real time.

Threat Prevention

Today's attackers use evasive tactics to succeed in gaining a foothold in the network, launching both high-volume and sophisticated attacks while remaining invisible to an organization's traditional defenses - from packet obfuscation, polymorphic malware and encryption to multi-phased payloads and fast-flux DNS.

Threat Prevention protects your network against these threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. In addition to traditional intrusion-prevention capabilities, we provide the unique ability to detect and block threats on any and all ports, instead of invoking signatures based on a limited set of predefined ports.

URL Filtering

URL Filtering enables you to safely use the web for business needs. Go beyond basic web filtering by identifying threats through a unique combination of static analysis augmented by machine learning.

Automated protections are always up to date and block access to malicious sites that deliver malware or steal credentials. Site risk ratings take the guesswork out of policy creation, enabling you to easily block or apply granular control to risky sites. Advanced capabilities, such as credential phishing protection, extend your firewall policy, minimizing attack exposure while keeping web security rules simple.


Detect and prevent unknown attacks. WildFire® malware prevention service combines dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and a groundbreaking bare metal analysis environment for a unique, multi-technique detection approach against highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware. Based on its findings, WildFire automatically creates new protections across the attack lifecycle, continually updating all enforcement technologies.

Palo Alto Networks® WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis service is the industry's most advanced analysis and prevention engine for highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware. The service employs a unique multi-technique approach combining dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques, and a groundbreaking bare metal analysis environment to detect and prevent even the most evasive threats.


The world you need to secure continues to expand as both users and applications shift to locations outside the traditional network perimeter. Security teams face challenges with maintaining visibility into network traffic and enforcing security policies to stop threats. Traditional technologies used to protect mobile endpoints, such as host endpoint antivirus software and remote access VPN, are not capable of stopping the advanced techniques employed by today's more sophisticated attacker.

GlobalProtect™ network security client for endpoints, from Palo Alto Networks®, enables organizations to protect the mobile workforce by extending the Next-Generation Security Platform to all users, regardless of location. It secures traffic by applying the platform's capabilities to understand application use, associate the traffic with users and devices, and enforce security policies with next-generation technologies.

DNS Security Services

Use predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for command and control (C2) or data theft. Tight integration with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls gives you automated protection and eliminates the need for independent tools. Threats hidden in DNS traffic are rapidly identified with shared threat intelligence and machine learning. Cloud-based protections scale infinitely and are always up to date, giving your organization a critical new control point to stop attacks that use DNS.

SD-WAN: Secure, High-Performance, Simple

Palo Alto Networks SD-WAN solution enables you to easily adopt an end-to-end SD-WAN architecture with natively integrated world-class security and connectivity. Using Prisma Access as the SD-WAN hub, you can optimize the performance of your entire network. In addition, our secure Prisma Access SD-WAN hub can be simply consumed as-a-service. Alternatively, you can build the hub and interconnect infrastructure yourself using Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. Regardless of the deployment model, this tight integration will allow you to manage security and SD-WAN on a single, intuitive interface.

IoT Security

The industry's first complete IoT security solution, delivering a machine learning based approach to discover all unmanaged devices, detect behavioral anomalies, recommend policy based on risk, and automate enforcement without the need for additional sensors or infrastructure. This unique combination of IoT visibility and the NGFW enables context-aware network segmentation to reduce risk exposure and applies our leading security subscriptions to keep IoT and IT devices secure from all threats.

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Palo Alto Networks' Enterprise DLP is the industry's first cloud-delivered solution that comprehensively protects sensitive data across all networks, clouds and users. It easily enables data protection and compliance in minutes, eliminating deployment and ongoing management cycles to ensure the most cost effective enterprise DLP on the market. Embedded in Next Generation Firewall, VM-Series, Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud and Prisma SaaS, our service uses the same configuration and detection rules across control points, providing consistent data protection everywhere, eliminating the need of creating and maintaining separate sets of policies.